The Alone Advantage


In The Alone AdvantageTerri Savelle Foy shows how simple habits behind closed doors can reshape every aspect of your life.She knows what it’s like to be in a rut, repeating the same routine with no significant progress toward deep-down dreams. Terri started noticing that although the average person does not spend time alone—the average successful person does. Whatever your unique, God-given dream is, Terri reveals what successful people do in private to prepare and achieve the dreams in their heart. Discover
  • the morning routine that can change your life before breakfast,
  • how to harness your imagination to visualize the future you want, and
  • why successful people spend time alone.
Step-by-step, Terri shows you how realizing your biggest dream starts with a daily to-do list. As you learn the habits of successful people—everything from waking up to cleaning up to growing up—you will become your own best cheerleader. The Alone Advantage equips you to wake up with vision, have a clear set of goals, and protect your time in private so God can promote you in public.
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