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Your generosity is helping the Live Your Dreams TV broadcasts, Facebook lives, weekly podcast and YouTube channel to build a world-wide community of dreamers who are boldly taking a leap of faith to fulfill their God-given purpose.

In addition to our podcast feeds, our YouTube channel alone reached 240,000 subscribers, and had nearly 3 million ministry video views resulting in 20 million minutes watched from people in 155 countries.

At our annual Icing Women’s Event in Dallas, 2,237 women gathered in person and virtually to be with Terri, our special guest Christy Wright and worship with the New Sound is Family. And because of you, nearly 100 women from safe homes and help centers were able to attend at no cost with all expenses paid.

By the grace of God and your support, tens of thousands of ministry books and resource kits are being sent from TSFM all over the world to people hungry to discover practical biblical principles to achieve their God-given dreams and purpose.

We value and care about you… And last year, we made 19,889 phone calls to pray with, en-courage, and thank our partners and Friends. Just knowing that someone is there for you and standing in faith with you can provide the hope needed to overcome struggles, hurts, and setbacks.

Through your generosity, we were able to impact 21,226 people during outreaches to inner cit-ies across America and see God do amazing miracles, restore faith, and bring salvation.

And because of you, $596,150.36 was given to our strategic partner outreaches including safe homes, rescue centers, churches, ministries in France, and other important life-changing works.

These are just some of the things you are helping to make happen!We couldn’t do it without you, and we love and appreciate your support!

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