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Can You Imagine

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Your imagination is a powerful gift from God. The Bible tells us in Genesis 11:6, "...Nothing they have imagined they can do will be impossible for them."

In Can You Imagine?, Terri Savelle Foy shares from personal experience and from the success stories of professional athletes, famous actors, Olympic gold-medalists, Bible heroes and many more to inspire you to dream, to imagine and to see yourself accomplishing more with your life.

When what you see on the inside becomes bigger than what you see on the outside, God begins to bring the ideas, the opportunities, the resources and the relationships to make it happen! Your job is to dream. Get your dreams on paper, be specific and stay focused.

"Your imagination is the preview of life's coming attractions" - Albert Einstein

Picture of Can You Imagine 6029-CD
Can You Imagine 6029-CD

This series contains 3 compact disc.

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Can You Imagine 6029-MP3

This digital download contains 3 mp3 messages.