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Breaking Soul Ties with Untangle

Your soul is made up of your mind, your will and your emotions. It is what you think, what you want and what you feel. A soul tie is an emotional bond or connection that unites you with someone else. The closer you are with someone, the stronger your souls become tangled. Terri shares practical advice to help you break free to a life of peace and purpose.

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The Comfort Zone Trap

You will accomplish the plans, dreams, and purpose God has given you, when you break free from the barrier of your comfort zone.You don’t have to stay trapped any longer. These lessons will prepare you to step out and soar into your God-given destiny!

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Who is Terri?

Terri Savelle Foy is a cheerleader of dreams and is convinced that ‘if you can dream it, God can do it.’


Terri’s latest Podcast

Do you know that making no decision is making a decision? How things happen over the next 2 years or 20 years is going to be a result of the decisions you make right now! Today, Terri encourages you that it’s time to make a decision to go after all that God has called you to be!

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