3 Signs You Need New Friends

This is amazing… you’ve heard the phrase: Your network is equal to your net worth.
Well, did you know that 99% of your success is due to your reference group?
In fact, Harvard did a 20 year study proving that your physical health is determined more by your relationships than by the food you eat, exercise program you’re on or the genes you’ve inherited.
Wherever you put yourself you’re going to conform to.
If you want to upgrade your life, you have to upgrade your peer group 
You have to CONNECT with the right friends.
This week, I want to show you the three signs that you need new friends. You may find this shocking and eyeopening. But, I have discovered that the right friend group is vital to your success and dreams.

“If you have to encourage and feed everyone around you, your crowd is too low!” – TD Jakes
Are you the one always trying to keep everyone motivated? Optimistic and positive? Then you need new friends.
Iron sharpens iron. 
Where you’re going in life will demand your crowd to change. Watch the video here and let’s talk about getting around the right people. I’m cheering you on, Terri

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