How Fasting (Literally) Changed My Circumstances |How to Fast for Your Goals

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The title of this video could sound really strange if you’ve never heard of “fasting for your goals” before.

It would’ve sounded a little weird to me too a few years ago too…

But, I remember the first time I really learned how to set goals for the new year the right way. I realized that I’d been doing it wrong (for decades) and felt the same frustration every New Year’s Eve because nothing really changed in my life.

Well, then I began to learn these vital keys to setting goals the right way… and one of the vital keys that gave me consistent results year after year was FASTING for my goals! Watch this week’s podcast video and I’ll explain.

You might be asking – but why declare a FAST?

Jentzen Franklin, author of the book Fasting, says in one word: Increase.

He said, “God wants to bring increase into all areas of your physical and spiritual life. It begins with an increase in intimacy with Him. There is no greater benefit to fasting than getting closer to God.”

I’m telling you, fasting puts you into alignment with God’s assignment!

I want to share with you the 5 benefits of fasting for your dreams and goals this year.

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