How to Make Exercise A Habit

“I saw 3 people jogging outside and it inspired me to get up… and close the blinds.”

Okay, I heard someone say that and I got a kick out of it….(ha!)

But seriously, what if I told you I found one MAJOR key to weight loss that does not involve exercise or food?

I know, I know, sounds insane. But THIS one thing was a huge factor for me to not only lose weight, but also keep it off for the past 18 years. And it has worked for others since I shared it publicly.

The reason I felt so compelled to talk about this right now is this… have you seen the statistics between new years resolutions and losing weight?!

It’s really shocking. 

Sadly, nearly 65% of those who lose weight will return right back to their “pre-dieting weight” within three years.

It gets even worse for those who go on a crash diet to lose weight fast. Only 5% of those who work hard to lose weight FAST will keep the weight off.

Think about that. 95% will go right back to where they were before the diet.

So, let me share with you how I went from only working out because Spring Break was coming or summer vacation was in a month to… making exercise a habit since 2001.

Watch this video pod cast real quick.

I’m cheering you on,


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