My 5AM Morning Routine

I’ll never forget the day we moved into our beautiful home…

I was carrying a box of shoes into my new dream closet when a young woman who was hired by a cleaning company to help us prepare for move-in stopped me.

Out of nowhere, she asked, “Ma’am, I just want to know… How do you get a life like this?”

Without hesitating, I said, “Your routine.”

“Hmmm?” she said, totally confused.

I said, “If you’ll change your morning routine, you can change your whole life.”
If you’ve read my best-selling book, 5 Things Successful People Do Before 8AM, then you know about my morning routine. But here’s something different for you…

Today, I want to actually show you my morning routine.

Maybe you’re like I was:

  • waking up at the last minute to go to work jamming out to your favorite songs all the way to the office
  • grabbing your favorite fast food at lunch
  • filling your evenings with hours of TV and watching other people live their dreams

…and repeating that day after day, waiting for something to change.
One day in prayer, I heard this phrase: Don’t be average and your life won’t be average.
Let’s make real change this year by developing a successful morning routine. Watch My 5AM Morning Routine.

Cheering you on,

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