Turn Your Bucket List into a Blue Print for Life

I was reminded of a story about Rodney and I when we were building a house years ago.

We made an appointment with the builder and the first thing he asked was “What do you see?” He meant “in our imagination”. What do we see inside. What is our idea of the perfect home?

He expected us to expound upon all the images and architecture and design of our dream house… But instead, I said, “I don’t know.”

He said “You don’t know?” I said, “I see a house. A Big house. Two-story.” He said “You don’t know what you want.” Then, he said 3 powerful words: You’re Not Ready!

He may as well have said: You’re not ready to live in your dream. You’re not ready to build your dream. You’re not ready to move beyond where you are today. You’re not ready.

In other words, “You’re content to stay where you are. And you will stay where you are until you get ready!” Gosh!

This week, I want to help you turn your bucket list into a blueprint for life.


What if God “The Architect” wanted to meet with you tonight at 10:00 pm to see what you want. He said “Show me what you want? What is your dream life? What do you want it to look like? What is your heart’s desire?”

Would you have to say “I don’t know.”? Would he respond “You’re not ready!”

Are you ready to move beyond where you are today?

I want to help you create a blueprint for your life! I want you to show God you are READY to make progress!

I believe this week’s podcast video will help you get clear on your big dreams and goals.

I’m cheering you on,


P.P.S. CLARITY about your dreams is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TO SUCCESS! I’m gonna help you get clear by giving you my goal-setting worksheet to get you started. Go to terri.com/worksheet to get your free download.

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