Clutter blocks success

The Bible tells us that God wants us to prosper and have success (Joshua 1:8). However, I’ve discovered that when we are surrounded by clutter, success is hindered. Even if you enjoy a certain level of success today, I guarantee that if you removed clutter from your life, you would see an even greater level of success. The Wall Street Journal reported that the average executive wastes 6 weeks a year looking for misplaced files and papers. Imagine how your life would be different if it was more organized. Perhaps you would reduce the amount of times you are late or your bills are paid late, you would waste less time looking for things, you would spend less money replacing items you can’t find, you would experience a new level of peace in your home. Beyond all of those benefits, I believe you are also positioning yourself to receive more blessings from God. When you are faithful over the things you have, Gad can give you more.

One of my favorite books on organization is Jennifer Ford Berry’s Organize Now!. If this is an area you’ve struggled with, I encourage you to pick one room in your house that needs to be “de-cluttered”. Write down everything that needs to be done so that it is organized and clutter-free. Then assign some time each day or week to work on it. Don’t move on to anything else until it is finished! As you do this, I believe your level of peace and energy will increase motivating you to clean out other areas as well.

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