France Ministry Update

Hello dear friends and partners!

The ministry during this France tour has been just amazing.

We’ve distributed almost 3,000 copies of my French book, “You’re Valuable to God” in meetings in Nice and Paris as well as on the streets all over!

Youth groups from three churches in Nice and one church in Antibes (a gorgeous old city on the Riviera) come together for a meeting. Every one there responded to a desire to embrace a new beginning in God. One young lady drove all the way from Toulon, France because she saw my post on Facebook. She came WITH MY BOOK in her hands and was crying. She said “every page was written for me” and she was thrilled that I would come all the way to France to minister to her. The young people received the Word so openly. We gave them all copies of my French book and I believe it was a life-changing time for them.

At my service in Nice at Eglise La Bonne Nouvelle with pastor Marie Helene Moulin, there was a gentleman from Poland vacationing with his family at our meeting. He gave his heart to the Lord that beautiful, sunny morning in Nice, France listening to a redheaded preacher from Texas! What a divine appointment.

ICING Hillsong Paris was out of this world. It was packed to capacity and so exciting! Halfway through my message, I said, “Est-ce que vous voudriez manger quelque chose? Petits gateaux pour tout le monde!” Music started playing and our hostess team (French, American, and Canadian) came walking down the aisle passing out beautiful Parisian cupcakes. The girls went nuts! As odd as it seems, cupcakes are fairly new to Paris so one lady even said to me, “I have always wanted to try a cupcake!” At the end of my message, I invited the young girls up (13-21) and had them face the audience. I said “How many of you do not want these beautiful girls to go through what you’ve been through?” And tears began to flow….Just looking in their eyes, something hit. I got teary-eyed. My interpreter lost it. Many of the ladies were so choked up looking at the young girls. We gave them all the resources we have in French (at this time) and they were all clapping and cheering! They were so grateful. What an amazing night. Women took the train from London to come, one girl flew in from Nottingham, England and another from Amsterdam! It was a humbling and exciting event.

At Paris Centre Chretien so many people came to the front at the end of my message crying out to God. The presence of the Lord was so strong that night. It was a special time of new beginnings for everyone there.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we strive to do more to reach out to France and all over the world with God’s love!

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