My “things to put off” list

Mastering procrastination…

If you’re really looking for a way to avoid success and NOT pursue your dreams, procrastination is the answer!

For some, procrastination is a way of life. They don’t pay bills on time – even though they have the money for them. They don’t cash gift certificates. They let gift cards expire. They file income tax returns late. They wait until Christmas Eve to do their Christmas shopping, etc. We sabotage our own success when we keep putting things off.

I understand. I am highly motivated to accomplish some things and in other areas, I tend to put things off until later. It moves from one week to the next to the next. I get so tired of seeing it on my monthly goal sheet month after month. What I’ve realized is that when I finally make myself do those things I’ve been putting off, it actually doesn’t take near as long as I thought it would. It’s also not nearly as difficult as I convinced myself it would be.

I remember setting a goal to clean out my hall closet. It had become so full of junk and clutter. I could barely even stuff an umbrella in there! That’s pretty bad! I wanted to get it cleaned but every time I thought about it, it seemed too overwhelming. So, I’d put it off. Finally, the day came when I read something that said, “Tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to a lazy man.” I thought, I do not want to be described as lazy. . . but I really want to put it off till tomorrow! I made myself set a time and day to tackle that closet. Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m.

It took one hour!

Something I had been putting off because I dreaded the time it would take, only took 1 hour!!!

I want to challenge you with what the Lord challenged me to do. Make a list of the top 10 things you’ve been putting off. Designate specific days on your calendar to begin working on each one. They don’t all have to be done in a day – just schedule a day and time to begin completing each task. For example, if you need to have a health check-up but have been putting it off all year, schedule a day to call the doctor and make the appointment. Get it on the calendar. If you’ve been putting off opening a saving’s account, schedule a day on your calendar to go to the bank and open that account. Then, check it off.

Go through your list one by one. You will feel exhilarated and it will build your confidence as you begin pursuing your goals. It will actually prepare you to begin going after your bigger dreams for life. I highly encourage you to make that top 10 list as soon as you finish reading this blog. As Peter Daniels puts it, “Do it now. Do it now. Do it now.?

I read a quote about procrastination that said: “Some day I’m going to get help for my procrastination problem.” Keep in mind that some day is not a day of the week. You have to assign a day to pursue those things you’ve been putting off. Get your calendar out, get your top 10 list out and start scheduling.

“A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last. Both do the same thing; only at different times.” – Lord Acton

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