What you think about expands!

It’s so easy to complain about stuff, isn’t it?  Even though we know it’s wrong…even though we’ve heard sermons about ‘staying in bondage’ when we complain…it’s still hard!  Especially when you’ve prayed and prayed about a situation and it just flat out hasn’t changed – in YEARS!!!!  Can you tell I’m writing from first-hand experience?!  I recently found myself just mad, frustrated and complaining about a situation that appears to never get any better.  I was so tired of it.  Then, I was trying to fight off feelings of hopelessness, discouragement and just being in a bad mood!

I picked up a book Sunday afternoon that has been setting in my desk for 8 months now and I just started skimming through the pages.  Suddenly, these words popped out at me:  “If you’re constantly thinking on what’s wrong with your life, you’re going to get more of what’s wrong.” Wow!  Then, I went down a few paragraphs and it said, “Finding fault and complaining is not conducive to receiving anything EXCEPT more of what you’re complaining about!” Isn’t that amazing?  The more we think about and talk about how bad a situation is – the more we’re permitting it to not only stay that way but get worse!  Or said another way:  “thinking about what you don’t want in your life — will only bring you more of what you don’t want!

It all has to do with our thoughts and our words.  I felt like God was sweetly and firmly saying, “Terri, stop it!  Get a hold of this thing right now!  Clean up your thoughts!  Clean up your words!  And focus on what I AM doing in your life – not what hasn’t happened yet!”  And I’m telling you, I have since that day.  I didn’t say it was easy, but it has helped me so much.  I want to encourage you to give more attention to reading God’s Word or a good faith-building book immediately — so you can get your thoughts off your problems and onto God’s promises for you.

What you think about expands!  So – if you’re thinking about God’s promises to deliver you, heal you, protect you, restore you . . . you’ll get more of what you’re thinking about!


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