5 Simple Habits to Beat Procrastination

Today you’re going to get a $25,000 tip to triple your productivity and skyrocket your progress to achieve every goal in life.

I’m not just making up some random price tag for this information, someone truly paid that much money (not to me) to hear this tip today.

This is a true story. Watch this week’s podcast video.https://youtu.be/qf5TfmfAA2ILet me say real quick WHY you need to increase your productivity…

Because you have a dream in your heart, you have goals you need to achieve, and you have an assignment from God He wants you to fulfill during your time here on earth.

Use this simple, but powerful advice to be more effective each day instead of just busy.

So… how do you get everything done PLUS go after your dreams and goals?

Listen to this story here on this week’s podcast video, I think it will help you.

I’m cheering you on,


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