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Would you believe that raspy rocker Rod Stewart had a job digging graves in a London cemetery before he became a singing sensation?

Or would have guessed actor Hugh Jackman once worked as a gym teacher and moonlighted as a “party clown”… for $50 a gig?

Did you know the stunning Transformers actor, Megan Fox, dressed up in a banana suit and stood on the side of the road to advertise a smoothie shop?

Just as their dreams of stardom seemed utterly impossible at the time, yours dreams may seem equally unachievable.

Right now…

You don’t know how God can accomplish them. You don’t know the right people and connections. You don’t have the finances. You don’t have spectacular opportunities being handed to you.

But, you do know that God has more for your life.

I want to share with you today what God expects you to do to resurrect a dead dream and to bring those impossible dreams to life! gave us the solution to dreams that seem hopeless or dead. It could be the marriage that hasn’t improved in years, the weight you’ve struggled to lose, the career that hasn’t changed or gotten better… these dreams appear dead and finished. Watch this week’s podcast video, I believe it will transform your thinking about your impossible looking dreams. I’m cheering you on,


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