Programming Your Mind for Success

I’m praying for you and believe this is going to be a week of favor and breakthroughs!

It’s God’s will that you prosper, be in health, and enjoy success.

Through studying, I’ve discovered there’s something every successful person applies BEFORE they attain success, BEFORE they achieve their dreams, BEFORE they see prosperity… and of course it comes from God’s Word!

I can sum it up in 3 steps and in 3 words: ACT AS IF…

What does this mean?

Whatever you’re believing God for in your life… a new car, a new home, a promotion at work, financial increase, a dream vacation, a slimmer body… ACT AS IF you already have what you want and you’ll start taking strides towards it.

Maybe you’re skeptical and wonder if this REALLY does work? Watch this week’s podcast video and I promise it will answer any objections you may have. this: your imagination should be used to create reality not escape it.

Act as if you have what you desire by using your imagination.

Today, I’ll give you 3 steps that must be taken before your dreams and goals start coming true… are you ready?
I’m cheering you on,


P.S. Oh! And don’t forget, download my time map to help you plan out your day


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