This is how I write my goals

While we’ve been going through this pandemic, I’ve been encouraging you with what the Lord told me in the summer of 2018… “Don’t shrink your dreams, enlarge your faith.” You may be thinking, Terri, c’mon. Things are such a mess and my dreams are on hold right now. I don’t minimize any hardships you’re facing. But don’t put limits on what God is wanting to do in your life right now. God is bigger than any virus or economic downturn and He needs you to fulfill the call on your life.Your calling isn’t on hold. These dreams and goals are in you for a reason and God needs you to get going. Today, I want to encourage you with a story the Lord put on my heart.’ve never had one dream look possible when God first gave it to me, but He always makes a way. You know what? All my current dreams and goals look absolutely ridiculous. The Bible says: “With man this is impossible, with God all things are possible.” Are you ready to be encouraged today? I’m going to show you how I go after my dreams and goals with my checklist for success.  I’m cheering you on,


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