What I Learned Visualizing My Dreams

Is there a secret to achieving your dreams?

As I was thinking about the goals I’ve accomplished over the last few years, 3 things stood out to me that I wished I’d known sooner.

Every successful person I know and have studied, practices a secret that has caused them to live their dreams…

What is it? I’m gonna explain it with an incredible story today.Watch this week’s podcast video, let’s start this week off with some serious motivation!https://youtu.be/YDdKsfbqwI8Don’t let anything stop you from doing what God is nudging you to do!

I think too many times we only pray for those things we actually believe we can make happen.

Let me remind you that anything God is telling you to do is going to seem impossible…

The Bible says: “With man this is impossible, with God all things are possible.”

Let me share with you 3 things I wish I’d known sooner so you can achieve your dreams and goals faster! Watch this week’s podcast video. I’m cheering you on,


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