What to do After You’ve Prayed

I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy. I want you to know that every morning I pray over you and your dreams and goals.

Know that a little red head in Texas believes in you and is believing with you!

When it comes to your dreams and goals, sometimes they can look so big, you can almost have the attitude, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Here’s what you have to change in order to see impossible dreams come to pass…

God’s Word says, “Believing you receive WHEN you pray…” (Mark 11:24)

So you’re supposed to believe when you pray. Not believe when you see it. You believe that it is already done when you pray.

This is faith and trust. You trust Him so much that you’re going to go ahead and start preparing for your dream knowing it’s done.

God’s Word also says that faith without corresponding action is dead. (James 2:26)

In today’s video, I want to tell you a story about how I took action when I couldn’t get pregnant… I believe this story will stir something up in you to raise your faith and expectation.

https://youtu.be/wpwIYSBaYccIf you really are believing God for something in your life, then show God by taking action.

Are you praying for a new car? Well, what if He gave you one today… is your garage cleaned out and ready for your dream car?

Or is it so jam packed full of clutter that you’d have to say, “Hold on, I didn’t really think it was coming this soon, I need to do some cleaning”?

I’ve heard Mrs. Gloria Copeland say that the two most important words in the Bible are: hear and do! You can’t just be a hearer of God’s Word but never do it! You have to put action behind all that you’re hearing.

I want to help you this week to get crystal clear on what you’re asking God for.

Watch this week’s podcast video.

I’m cheering you on,


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