Intimate Soul Ties

Severing wrong soul ties can be one of the most painful experiences in your life. Even though you know you must move on, you know you can’t carry your past into your future, you can still be deeply and severely attached to someone or something from your past through soul ties. And it will prevent you from moving forward.

You may be in a sexual relationship with someone (outside of marriage) and although you want to break free, you’ve repented, asked God to forgive you, yet you are tormented with thoughts about this person day and night. You cannot get them off of your mind and you can’t resist the temptation to give in to that intimacy over and over again. You have a bad soul tie.

The pain of severing wrong soul ties is excruciating, to say the least, however, I want to offer you the hope that it will subside. The pain will not last forever. However painful it may be in your unique situation, you need to follow some strategic steps to produce total freedom from anything or anyone to which you have been tied in your soul.

In my new book, “Make Your Dreams Bigger than Your Memories”. I have dedicated an entire chapter on breaking wrong soul ties because of what I experienced in my own life and the consistent emails and letters I receive from individuals who are tied emotionally to someone and don’t know how to break free. I wrote out some specific and strategic steps to take in order to let go of what God is finished with!

You may relate to what I’m writing or perhaps you know someone who keeps returning to a relationship that they don’t belong in – get this book for them. You or someone you know may be in an abusive relationship and you don’t understand why you stay in it! You have soul ties.

Soul ties are formed any time and every time there is intimacy in a relationship. If the relationship has moved into the sexual arena, the tighter those ties will become and the harder it will be to detach when the Lord compels you to stop! Godly soul ties are formed when a married couple engages in intercourse. It is the way God designed it. Ungodly soul ties are formed when unmarried people have sex or have any level of intimacy. A relationship could have ended months or even years ago, but there is still a longing, a yearning or even an obsessive desire to be with that person. Why? Because their souls are still firmly tied to each other.

Remember, the more intimate you become, the tighter that bond becomes. If you need freedom and perhaps some direction on how to break a wrong soul tie in your life, chapter 7 is for you! I am thrilled to report that you can now order my new book so you can give your past the burial it needs, and start pursuing the new things God has for you!

You can only conquer your past by focusing on your future!


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