Paris Ministry Update

I love being here! I love this city! I love these people!

This has been such a great ministry trip. The meetings have been amazing! Hundreds of people have come to the altar ready to be free and pursue God’s plan for their life.

I have to say a big thank you to all of you who have helped get my book, You Are Valuable to God translated and printed in French. It has been a wonderful tool at the churches and throughout the city.

One of the pastors told me when we arrived that the French may not be receptive to being handed my book. He even suggested extra people come with us for protection. I told them that I’m not going to stand on a street corner and yell about hell and heaven! So, we were warned about possible attitudes concerning being handed a book about God.

We have handed them out on Le Metro, in line at The Eiffel Tower, up and down the streets, on park benches, homeless people on the streets, beggars, tourists, people in cafes, waiters in the cafes, in taxi cabs, the artists at the Sacre Coeur, storeowners, etc. Many, many, many have been receptive and began reading it on the spot! It was awesome to see them reading it immediately.

Yes, there have been some who rejected the book. They laughed and said “Non, merci.” I said, “Jesus t’aime” (Jesus loves you) and they acted like it was a joke. But we sowed a seed.

Yesterday, shopping down the alleys near Sacre Coeur, I went in to buy a shirt and the store owner said, “I give you discount!” I said, “Ahhh..merci!” He said, “Vous parlez a Dieu” and he pointed to my book. He had already been handed a book by one of the ladies on our team! He pointed to my picture on the back of the book and said, “C’est Vous!” (That’s you!) I said, “Oui, c’est moi!” He said in French, “Because you talk about God, I give you a discount. Many people in Paris do not talk about God.” He said he will visit my website!

Ahhhh……thank you, Jesus! We’re making a difference in Paris, France one life at a time!

I will update you more later. I’m walking in a dream!


Terri & Daughter Hillsong Paris Praying For France Handing Out Books

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