Preparation is Key!

What are you doing right now to prepare for what you believe God has called you to do? I ought to be able to look around your house and see where your life is headed. How would I determine that? By looking at these areas: what kind of books are you reading? What kind of CD’s are you listening to? Where is most of your money going? Are you researching your dream? Are you attending a class? Are you saving money for it? What are you doing to prepare for your life assignment?

Preparation takes effort! Any successful person you know got to that place because he or she prepared for it. They had a plan and took the steps to execute that plan. You can have a Bible on your nightstand, but you never take the time to read it, it won’t do you any good. You may live close to a bookstore or library, but if you have never read one book that relates to where you want your future to go, nothing will change.

Obviously, you care about your future or you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now. Your action words are “learn,” grow,” “expand your thinking,” and “prepare”.

Success isn’t something you arrive at; it’s something you prepare for! You have to take the time to read, study, learn and grow one day at a time. I remember the first time I went to a Youth Pastors’ Conference where thousands of youth pastors were in attendance. The guest speakers were so knowledgeable and quoted famous people left and right. They never stammered; they were confident in their speaking and sounded very articulate. To be honest, I felt a little insecure and definitely overwhelmed. It seemed hopeless that I would ever be as smooth as they were.

You may feel the same way when you look at other people who are doing what you what to do. You may wonder, Where do I even start? I discovered that you start with one day. When you finish that book, you move on to another one. It starts with listening to one faith-building CD one morning, and when you’re done you move on to another one.

Your calling won’t just happen. It won’t just fall into your lap one afternoon. You have to pursue it on purpose and do whatever you need to do to get there. It may be a long and hard road, but don’t get discouraged. God can accelerate things in your life but you have to at least put your foot on the gas pedal.

In my new book, “Make Your Dreams Bigger than Your Memories,” I share how to prepare step by step for the dreams God wants you to pursue. I highly encourage you to get it and do the chapter challenges.

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